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We Know What We Know

As parents and educators, we can only do what we can do with what we know. It makes my heart weep that as I try to help my daughter to navigate her GCSE revision, her intrinsic desire to learn has been obliterated. She has become a passive learner in the truest sense;...

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Return of the Mojo

Parenting my small person for the past two years has created a bit of a reading ration and I was worried that I would never get my mojo back! Each time I picked up a book, I would envisage relishing the ‘me’ time and begin with enthusiasm. But snatched moments to read...

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Loose Parts. What’s That Then?

If you could see inside my home and visit my toddlers play stations, you would see an abundance of loose parts available for play. The Reggio Emila approach to Early Years education favours the use of loose parts for play and indeed more and more practitioners are...

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