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We Know What We Know

As parents and educators, we can only do what we can do with what we know. It makes my heart weep that as I try to help my daughter to navigate her GCSE revision, her intrinsic desire to learn has been obliterated. She has become a passive learner in the truest sense;...

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Return of the Mojo

Parenting my small person for the past two years has created a bit of a reading ration and I was worried that I would never get my mojo back! Each time I picked up a book, I would envisage relishing the ‘me’ time and begin with enthusiasm. But snatched moments to read...

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Loose Parts. What’s That Then?

If you could see inside my home and visit my toddlers play stations, you would see an abundance of loose parts available for play. The Reggio Emila approach to Early Years education favours the use of loose parts for play and indeed more and more practitioners are...

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Maths Through Play

Oh Eck, Maths … That’s what I used to think whenever anybody mentioned the subject. It made my palms sweat and my brain itch! So imagine my terror when I began teacher training and I could no longer avoid the inevitable – I would need to understand and teach maths!!...

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Back to Play

For children, playing is a serious business. It is also the most natural thing for them to do. What about adults? How serious are we about children playing? Click on the link below to find out through an article I wrote which was originally published in M&D...

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Play, Glorious Play

Now that Christmas is behind us and we approach a new year, it’s a good time to reflect upon what it is all of the ‘stuff’ we accumulate over the festive period is trying to help us achieve. The toys we gift to our small ones are an attempt to invoke joy and wonder...

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Play Matters

Do you remember, as a child, being so immersed in your play that you didn’t know how so much time had passed? Maybe playing with friends or playing alone? Uninterrupted play which required no validation? This is how play used to look; nobody asking you to spot...

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The Problem With Play

There’s a big problem when it comes to the topic of play; it gets quite a bit of stick. Everywhere you go, you can hear the grumbles of “they’re just messing about”, or how about the notion that playing is just a way to “let off...

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